Medicare Plans

Medicare Plans  


Medicare plans are generally for those over age 65 but may also be available to those with permanent disabilities or other special circumstances. If you are Medicare eligible, you may choose from the plans below. For more information about the different types of Medicare plans, certain limitations and REQUIREMENTS, please read the Medicare Information page.


To enroll in an SDCERA health plan, please click on the link below for the plan you want.


Medicare Plans for Calendar Year 2021

Please note: These form(s) are in Adobe Acrobat Reader (PDF) format and are available for downloading and printing.

2021 SDCERA Medicare Plans
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Health Insurance Plans Enrollment Form

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How do I submit my enrollment form(s)?

  • Upload your form(s) by clicking on the "Upload Forms" button above
  • Mail your form(s) to:
    SDCERA Health Plans Service Center
    PO Box 14464
    Des Moines, IA 50306-3464
  • Fax your form(s) to: 515.365.1520



2021 SDCERA Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Formularies