2022 Dental Plans

2022 Dental Plans  


DHMO plans contract with their own network of dentists and all care is coordinated by the dental office you select. You may change your dental office at any time. If you receive care (other than emergency services) that is not coordinated by your dental office, you are required to pay the full cost for the services you receive. The cost of your out-of-pocket expense in a DHMO dental plan is based on a schedule of patient charges. There are no charges for many diagnostic and preventive services, and most other types of service require you to pay a copayment.


Dental PPO plans give you the flexibility to have all covered services provided by the dentist of your choice; however, you pay less if you select a dentist within the network the plan has contracted with to provide services, because network dentists charge patients pre-negotiated discount rates for services. If you choose to see an out-of-network dentist, the reimbursement amount is based on the network’s regional schedule of benefits for a geographic area. If your dentist charges more than a network dentist’s allowed fee, you are responsible for paying the difference.

Please be advised that in order to enroll in an SDCERA Medical or Dental Plan, the amount of the monthly pension benefit must exceed the full cost of the premium(s) being deducted.


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Dental Plans

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